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Post  Ricky on Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:28 am

Holy Paladin, Direct Heals to the max.
Unless you are Draenei, you wont have any HoT, this means, all your
healings are going to heal the tank instantly after the cast. This is

- Allows you to focus in one char at time, healing them the way it should be, high heals and no dicking around.
- Mana friendly when using the proper spells.
- No need for complex maneuvers to avoid tank from dying, you are just healing your way.
- Not a friend of overhealing.

- No raid-healing-friendly.
- If done wrong, you will oom fast.

Holy Paladin, The Beginning.
So you decided to roll a holy paladin but got nothing to begin with? Then this is for you.

As soon as you hit 70, the gear you have might be probably retri or prot
gear, that helped you level. The healing gear is almost non-existant
and you have no idea what to do. This are some tips.

- Move around as retribution, do some instances and get healing gear.
- IT DOESNT MATTER IF ITS NOT PLATE, if you have nothing, get everything you can.
- Getting plate gear at the beginning of your holy life is HARD, so dont
try to get it, as you will probably wait too long and people will /kick
- If you feel like PvPing, do so, and try to get either the s2 healing shield or the mace.

Holy Paladin, The Spec.
I normally use this:
The reason behind my talents are:

- The points in the holy tree doesnt need to be explained, I didnt get
the resistance talents as they are mostly for PvP, and you wont need
them in PvE. Didnt get the +damage ones either, because you will heal,
not DPS.
- Now for the drama, the protection tree. Many people dont go there
except for kings. I didnt get the Improved Devotion aura, because, YOU WILL RUN AROUND WITH CONCENTRATION AURA AT ALL TIMES.
- I got Redoubt, this helps your mana restoration, I will explain how later.
- Went for Guardian Favor and Toughness, also, Toughness will be explained later same as Redoubt.
- Get Kings, you will like it.
- Righteous Fury, increases your holy threat (This means threat
generated by heals too) and reduces damage by 6%. People doesnt seem to
use it, but there are reasons why the +survival talents in protection
tree are taken by holy paladins.
Not only does it increases the effect by 15%, it also reduces silence
and interrupt by 30%. People say this is mostly for PvP, but they forget
that this is an AURA, it helps the entire party. So, anyone heard of
Gruul and his mass silence? Or those pesky adds attacking casters, or
the AoE spells that interrupt casting time, no? Get out of my sight.

Holy Paladin, The Healing
Lets get to it.

Flash of Light:
Your main healing spell. With a low casting time, 1.5 seconds, it also
comes with a semi-low base healing. It gets somewhere around 1/2 of your
bonus healing, so dont expect to heal 2600 with it, max you can get is
somewhere around 1500. It also has a VERY LOW mana cost.
so you will love it. The way to heal with this is easy, spam spam spam
spam, until you are tired. Mana recovery because of Illumination is low.

Holy Light:
Big heal, big casting time, and big mana. Do I have to say more? The
Holy Light is your OHSAVEME spell when the tank is getting pwned by a
strong boss. The first casting time requires 2.5 seconds, but, because
of a talent, after using your first holy light the casting time will be
reduced to 2 seconds. You will once use this spell when needed, else,
you will oom rather fast. Mana recovery because of Illumination is high.

Holy Shock:
This spell is rather awesome. It has a long cooldown (for a healing),
and it doesnt require casting time. The healing is also regular, so it
will save the tank or a DPS when needed. Problem? The cooldown and the
mana cost, it is not friendly. Mana recovery because of Illumination is

Lay on Hands:
This healing spell is rather unique. It will heal the target by the
amount equal of YOUR max hp. This means, if you have 8900 hp, you will
heal 8900 hp to your target, even if you have 1 hp left. It will also
heal a little mana to the target. Downside is that if casted on someone
else, your mana will go down to 0, yeah, you heard right. Also it has a
long cooldown, so use it only in EXTREME situations (WHEN YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY HEALER).

Divine Favor:
This spell will grant your next heal a 100% critical chance. This
means: Big Heal + Mana Recovery + Pretty Glowing Effect, what else can
you ask?

Divine Illumination:
Tank getting pwned and your mana is low? Dont panic, this spell got it
covered. Reducing the mana cost of your spells by 50% means you can spam
a lot without worrying. But what if I tell you that the mana
regeneration because of Illumination will be the same? Sure, you are
crying tears of joy. Only downside is the 15 second duration, this means
5 Holy Lights or 12 flash of light.

Blessing of Light: Nice to buff your healings. Especially during raids, because in a normal party the tank will ask you for Kings.

Holy Paladin, The Gear.
As I mentioned above, you will need any kind of gear to start with your
crusade. But not always, because for the endgame raids, having any other
than plate gear will result in a big fail of you.

Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate: Normal instances, heroic, Karazhan, and if
your raid is friendly and stuff, they will let you go to Zul'Aman with

Plate: SSC, The Eye, Hyjal, BT and SWP. Having other than plate gear here means you fail and you better not go.

Wait, someone told me that you should get an offhand, so I wait for him
to amuse me. What is that? A torch? Go die. Your only offhand is your
shield, and NOTHING MORE. If you do
not have a shield, it means you are not ready for karazhan or raids. Get
a shield, it doesnt matter if its a lvl 68 shield with low heaving, do

Now, the gear you are looking has this:
- *Main*Intellect: You stack it, like a bunch of coins, you must have a lot.
- *Main*Healing Bonus: DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN?
- *Main*Spell Critical: This is the way holy paladins restore their
mana, let the mp5 be for priests and druids. You HAVE to get it, cloth
healing gear does not have it, neither does leather, mail might, but
this stat comes mostly with plate gear.
- Mp5: Even you need some, it is not the most important part so if you
have to chose between critical and mp5, you go for critical.
- Stamina: Means more survival, not so useful but your plate gear will have it, its a very welcome stat.
- Haste Rating: For spells, your heal has 1.5 second cast, what happens
when we make it a 1.3 second cast? More spam. Not very important for
paladins, but still, some endgame gear will have it (Mostly BT an SWP).
- Spirit: If I see a holy paladin with spirit over the Zul'Aman raiding scene, I will have him kicked from the raid. SPIRIT DOES NOTHING TO PALADINS, Darx---sorry
wont say name, said that stacking spirit helps mana recovery, well he
sucks. Spirit is the least wanted stat for paladins. (Least? what about
str and agi? those help block rating and +defense do they arent all that
useless, still, dont get them).

To take note:

Spell Critical Cap: Once you get to 30% spell critical unbuffed, you
will stop adding it to your gear. Why? Because its not useful anymore,
after some point the critical value will be reduced. Having more will
only reduce your other stats a lot, wont help you much when healing, and
wont give you the same %.

Bonus Healing Cap: There is a cap? Kinda. People always amuse me by
saying OHOHO I HAVE 2200 HEALING BONUS IM SO PRO. I cant stop to wonder
how are his other stats crying for help. Really, a holy paladin doesnt
need more than 2050 bonus healing. You should focus on the other stats
once you get to 2000, and going over that its bad because you will have
to sacrifice a lot.

Holy Paladin, Mana Restoration.
Your main mana restoration way is Illumination (Dont mind this tooltip, in TBC its still 60% restored). Everytime you score a critical heal, your mana will be restored.

Second, but not so used by fail paladins, is the awesome spell Spiritual Attunement
(It is a spell in TBC not a talent, so everyone has it). It only works
if you are healed by other healers, and if you are damaged. It wont
restore mana if your hp is full, and only restores a % of the amount
healed, not overhealing.

The mp5 is a nice way to restore mana passively, but falls behind in the
holy paladin department. Still, you might have some to stay with a
certain mana pool at all times.

Holy Paladin, The Trinkets.

There are many trinkets useful for us, you might want to take a peek at this ones that were made for paladins.

Xi'ri's Gift: It requires being revered to the Sha'tar, a not so easy task but its a nice addition to the gear.

Shiffar's Nexus-Horn:
With 2 critical rating less than Xi'ri Gift, this trinket comes with a
very awesome effect. You will have a chance to increase your bonus
healing with each crit, paladins are made of crits, so its good.

Scarab of the Infinite Cycle:
Not only does it boost your bonus healing, it has a proc that increases
your haste rating. This means, if it procs, you will be able to cast a
lot faster. Now, if you combine this with Divine Illumination...mmm...

Lower City Prayerbook:
It requires lower city revered, not so hard to accomplish. It is a nice
starting trinket, since it boosts your bonus healing and if used will
reduce the mana cost of your spells by 22. They are not unique, so you
can have 2. The effect will share a cooldown tho.

Figurine - Crimson Serpent:
Requires jewelcrafting and Shattered Sun Offensive revered for the
recipe. This trinket will give you a nice stat boost, both stamina and
intellect, and if used increases your bonus healing by a mid amount.
Certainly, a good one to have for some cases.

Essence of the Martyr: Bought from BoJ vendors in shatt, 41 BoJ to be exact. Nice bonus healing and good effect. It is a nice trinket to have.

Vial of the Sunwell:
This is a mp5 trinket, why use it? Well, once you get to the spell crit
cap you can use this, and it is a good situational trinket, means you
wont always use it but in some fights, because of the effect. Casting a
heal will give you 1 charge. Using trinket will release charges healing
instantly and without mana cost your target by 100 for each charge. If
you can get 20 charges (Cast 20 flash of light, its quick), you will
have a heal worth of 2000 hp. Nice? Totally.

Pendant of the Violet Eye:
Other than the awesome +40 intellect bonus, the use effect of this
trinket makes FoL spam more worthy. It will increase your mp5 for each
cast you do during the 20 seconds it lasts. A very good trinket.

Sextant of Unstable Currents: Improved version of Shiffar's Nexus-Horn. VERY nice indeed, get it if you can.

Tome of Fiery Redemption:
A nice trinket to have for paladins, its also paladin only so no other
class can ninja it. It has a 45 internal cooldown and a 15 seconds
duration, so during that time you can pop a divine illumination to boost
it effects, or just spam healing for great boost.

Fel Reaver's Piston:
The perfect solution to your HoT needs. It will not only grant you a
nice 20mp5, but each heal will have the change to drop a HoT on your
target. If you ever get hold of this one, you wont want to leave it in
your bank.

Holy Paladin, The Relics.
Paladins use Librams, fair enough, this are the choices you have.

Libram of the Lightbringer:
Increases holy light healing, its not much, also not so useful since
your main way to heal is flash of light, but still, might give you a
small buff when your holy light crits.

Blessed Book of Nagrand:
Now this is a good one, the boost might not be noticed inmediately, but
in a long term fight, you can see the increased healing. Flash of Light
is happy with this, but still, not used during the endgame.

Libram of Souls Redeemed: The tooltip in wowhead is borked. I have it and the effect says: "Increases
the benefict your Flash of Light spell receives from Blessing of Light
by 60 and Holy Light spell receives from Blessing of Light by 120"
. This is now a nice raid Libram, since it will boost both flash of light and holy light. Use it, you will like it.

Libram of Mending:
This might not seem so cool because of the high cost of holy light,
BUT, if you use it with a Holy Light rank 1, the buff will stay, and the
mana you used will be restored in 1 second. Nice trick.

Libram of Absolute Truth: Reduces mana of holy light, nice, but not required.

Holy Paladin, Tips.

- Full use of Spiritual Attunement. There is a nice trick for this.
First of all, you MUST have plate gear, because else you will be taking a
lot of damage. You need a shield, duh. You should have a nice 15k
armor, probably more. Taunt an enemy, NOT THE BOSS. Make him punch you. Another healer must be aware of this, and he must heal you, DO NOT HEAL YOURSELF.
This will result in Spiritual Attunement restoring your mana. Of
course, people say this will only waste some other healer mana, if you
consider that the holy paladin can restore mana by himself by healing,
and the chances of him going oom are slim, then it is a long term nicer
alternative. This is why all the talents in the protection tree are
used, you need Righteous Fury to avoid too much damage too.

- Offtanking. You have lots of armor, Righteous Fury, a shield,
concetration aura, and heals. Ideas? Sure, you can offtank. Of course
you cant tank everything, after SSC the trash in the raids hit hard
enough to cause you some problems, and its not viable, but you can
offtank certain stuff like in kara or even zul'aman.

- Divine Favor. Granting 100% critical chance, you can use this for
multiple things. Like, with a holy light to cause a massive 7k+ heal,
that will probably heal the tank and save him from obliteration. Or, you
can use it wih a holy shock to save a DPS that is about to die, your
choice. You can also use it at the beginning of the battle, when the
tank takes the first burst of damage, so you can heal him to top and
keep a smooth battle. Just make sure not to pull.

- Divine Illumination. This spell is best used with procs of trinkets, it will boost it effects.

- Bubble Healing. Advanced trick for holy paladins. When the raid is
being raped by a boss and tank is in a tight spot, you can give your
fellow healer friends a break to heal the entire raid and the tank to
rest for a few seconds. YOU MUST WARN THE RAID, to avoid increase of threat and ready the tank to taunt. Bubble, as soon as you do that, TAUNT the boss. Yes, THE BOSS.
Bubble resets your threat, but if you taunt after that, you will have
the highest threat for some seconds, making the boss attack and
invulnerable target. During this time, heal, heal the hell out of the
tank or people needed. Before the effect is about to over, BEFORE,
ask the tank to taunt back. Boss will run to tank. If healers did their
job, raid will be ok, you will be ok, and everyone is happy.

- Divine Intervention.
It will kill yourself, and will render your target inmune to damage,
and will take him out of combat. If you want a healer to survive a wipe,
use it, he will be able to res. Also the buff can be canceled by right
clicking it.

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Holy Paladin PvE Empty Re: Holy Paladin PvE

Post  Scythe on Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:51 pm

Wall of text or wht not quite as long as my resto sham one tho

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Post  Ricky on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:47 am

it's still long tho QQ

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