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About the DKP system

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About the DKP system

Post  Shaerty on Mon May 16, 2011 11:38 am

As of yesterday, I have implemented the DKP system. It still needs a bit of work though. I cannot add people that aren't in the guild yet and I have to fix the reporting query.

For those of you that don't know how DKP works, here's a quick explanation:

DKP or dragon kill points is a loot system that rewards players that are in raids often. It is ideal for gearing up our guild because guildies are invited more than Pugs, and thus get more Dkp. Now what exactly is this Dkp. Well, when you enter a Unison raid you will get a starting amount of 25 dkp. These aren't in your bags or anything, but you can see them in your Officer's Note. When you kill a boss in a raid, you will be awarded with another 5 dkp.

Now what can you do with these dkp? When a piece of loot drops from a boss and you want it badly, you can use your dkp to bid on that particular item. For example: We do Hyjal and we kill Archimonde. He drops the bow. Vasada wants it, so he needs to use the dkp gained so far to bid on it. If he wins the bid, he will win the bow and lose the dkp he bid.

When a boss is killed, the loot master will start the bidding. Take our example from above: When Archimonde is killed, I'll say Bristleblitz Striker 20 dkp. The people interested in getting that bow, will have to bid on it. You bid by saying in raid chat, how mych dkp you want to spend. So for example Vasada bids the starting amount: 20 dkp. Almost at the same time, Catak bids the 20 dkp too, but since Vasada was first, Catak has to bid more than 20, and so he bids 25 dkp. This goes on and on, until one of them can't or won't bid more dkp. Then I say Once, Twice and Thrice and then the last person who bid the highest dkp wins.

I hope it's all clear now, If you have any questions concerning the dkp system, post them under this topic.

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