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The Guild Vault

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The Guild Vault

Post  Shaerty on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:57 am

This post concerns the Guild Vault and the different tabs.

As long as we haven't found a Treasurer, I'll be taking the role of banker on myself. But the goal is to have one or two people, me excluded in full control of the bank.

In this thread I'll post guidelines for everyone that wants an item from the bank. Also, a pricelist will be coming as soon as we get someone to acknowledge the prices that are currently going.

The money in the guild vault will be used for involuntary respeccing, e.g. if you're asked (by me) to change your spec to meet the needs of the raid.
Also, ppl that will make elixirs and flasks and put them in the GV for everyone to use, will be rewarded with the GV money.

You've probably realised by now that I'm only talking about the expenses. Ofcourse, there is a need for income as well.
Aliora has suggested making ppl pay 10g every three days. That's a way to do it, but as you know, there's no real way for us
to force you to pay up. So what I'm suggesting is, if you have some free time and you're bored or something, go do some dailies
and deposit some of the money in the GV. There isn't a real reward we can give you, but we will be very grateful for it Smile

That's about it, i think.
Keep checking here, if you want to see the price list, it'll be up soon.

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