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Something to help rogues.

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Something to help rogues.

Post  Estha on Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:35 am


Use it.

DPS will probably be shown much higher than what it is, but I believe it factors in raid buffs and the use of Haste Potions + Flame Caps, at which point your DPS should be around that point.

Basically, any questions one could ask about the spreadsheet have been covered on the page linked, by the author himself.

Lastly, for any piece of gear with sockets, it provides an ideal socket selection in one of the columns. It's ideal based on the +hit rating you already have, meaning if you're at or around 300, other socket choices would also be viable (this is why you see my rogue's Midnight Chestguard socketed with 3x +10 hit gems, while other rogues -- such as Vogues when he still used it -- socket it with 3x agi/hit orange gems).

This might not be the best spreadsheet, nor the most important thing posted on these forums, but rogue forums rarely have anything posted in them, so I figured anything helped. (The Oath forums don't have anything in the rogue section either).


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