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Unison after the Merge

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Unison after the Merge

Post  Ricky on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:45 pm

As we all know it the merge will be in about 1-2 weeks.And I want to talk about Unison and DW Guilds.Bascially there are no DW raiding guilds so
all raids are PuGs.There is a special raiding group called the DKP raiding group,there are about 30 people there and no one can go in(?).So if you think
that DW has raiding raids you are terribly WRONG.Let's try to keep this Guild a raiding Guild after the Merge,shall we?


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Re: Unison after the Merge

Post  Vend on Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:52 pm

I like the post before you editted it.
Anyways, i said i'll probably move around my alts due to forgetting what it feels like being in other guilds.

I still stand by what i said before about the raiding. Yes, after the 15th time of you saying DW pugs, Ricky, I still believe that being in those guilds that make up most of the high end raid groups, will get you well known faster and get you invites. Think about it for a second before spamming "DW PUGS". No one in our guild is known on DW (except a selected few) meaning that we are pretty much considered "not their standard" until you get a lucky break.

Another issue is that both FM and DW have had to resort to pugging and begging for people to log BECAUSE there are too many guilds that have few people. Unison isn't small compared to others but its definately small to the guilds knotoo wn to be raiders. Please don't comment Ricky because i have been here before FM died and have been raiding unlike you who geared up off Unison raids. (not targetting JUST you though.)

Ofc, i may be completely wrong with what i'm saying but until the merge hits us and i experience these pugged raids, i WILL move some of my toons into other guilds. Doesn't mean i won't come raiding if you need me or come back if there is no real difference.

My last point will be this. Unison players haven't really done well in BT and TK compared to others so what really convinces people to come join our raids? Yes, i want to raid those high end raids with Vend. Not because i'm sick of raiding with Unison. I love seeing a guild progress. The thing is that every raid i'm forced to come heal with Vend and listen to others QQ about not needing the current raids we're doing. I've been in the same boat for months now so.... I have other toons, and would like to actually use them.


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Re: Unison after the Merge

Post  Scythe on Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:29 pm

LMAO i got banned off the lol server for saying the fun server was a bad idea, told a gm if they can make custon vedors to show only ur class gear e.g. t6 vendor y in the world can they not learn class abilties like warlocks demon's and warrios stances.

Dnt kno if it's a temp ban or wht guess we will just have to wait and see


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Re: Unison after the Merge

Post  Shaerty on Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:52 am

So it's been, what like a month and a half, since we merged with DW.

Preliminary report: We got Kael down for the second time
yesterday, although again with a PUG group. I'll try to organise
more raids, with the guild, but it seems hard to find ppl that don't
have a CD with other ppl, like Obsydian and Asylum for instance.

If we are to become a raiding guild again, we should make a
raiding schedule, like in the old days and not be afraid to do
the harder bosses. I've noticed DW ppl skip Morogrim for instance
because he doesn't drop tokens, or Solarian for the same reason.

I think that's utter bullshit, because if some ppl want to do Solarian
they can't find a good group that isn't saved for the rest of the instance.

I have exams now, meaning i can only get online sporadically and mostly
in the evening/night, so I don't always know what 's going on in the guild.
But I hope everything turns out alright. I'm up for making Unison great
again. Who's with me?! Very Happy
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Re: Unison after the Merge

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