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High Astromancer Solarian Strategy Guide

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High Astromancer Solarian Strategy Guide

Post  Scythe on Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:27 pm

High Astromancer Solarian is one of the three first bosses in "The Eye". You can reach her through the right corridor in the Al'ar room. The amount of trash you have to clear is comparable to those before Void Reaver. Solarian's room is full of trash mob packs, standing around her near the wall. You have to clear these guys, but they aren't too challenging.

Raid Setup
Solarian has poor armor and is extremely vulnerable to melee attacks. But you must find a balance between melee DPS and AoE casters. You will need at least 7-8 warlocks and mages to survive the second phase. The fight requires at least 4 warriors/feral druids. You need ideally three offensive warriors for maximum DPS, and at least 1 feral druid. Feral druids are particularly effective in this fight. This encounter requires very high DPS. so you should try to manage with 7 healers, at least 3 of whom should be good single target healers like paladins.

Gear Requirements
All of Solarian's attacks, even melee, are mitigated by arcane resistance, but it is not necessary to wear any resistance gear to this encounter as you will still be able to survive in your normal gear.

The whole raid should have flasks/elixirs for maximum performance.

Tanks and Melee DPS - Flask of Relentless Assault
Caster DPS - Flask of Supreme Power
Healer - Flask of Mighty Restoration/Flask of Distilled Wisdom

Tanks The feral druids and offensive warriors don't need special tank gear, but they should keep their hit points above 10000.

Melee DPS & Caster DPS Use all damage potions available. Your task is to DPS Solarian, so she won't enter phase 2 more than 3-4 times. The mages will have massive mana problems, because they will AoE in Phase 2. So don't waste your mana and keep drinking mana potions.

Healers You will have to heal a lot of damage on several players at the same time. You need strong single target healers for Solarian's Arcane Missiles targets.

Boss Abilities

High Astromancer Solarian
Human Phase Abilities
Melee Between using her abilities, Solarian will accasionally hit the target with highest aggro in melee range, which should be her tank. It is quite a weak strike, and even cloth wearers would usually not be killed in a single hit (though they will certainly die if they try to tank her). Her melee damage is reduced by arcane resistance.

Arcane Missiles
Solarian casts Arcane Missiles on on random targets in the raid. They hit 3 times for roughly 3400-3600 damage each time. Solarian casts this ability nearly without intermission, and can even target pets and totems.

Wrath of the Astromancer
A debuff that lasts for 5 seconds, cast several times each phase on a random raid member, but not the main tank. Only one player will be affected at any given time. While a person has WotA on him, he will emit what looks like sparks of shadow. These sparks deal damage to everyone surrounding the affected player. The amount of damage dealt is inversely proportional to the number of people in close proximity; that is, if a player has 24 people standing around him, they will all take a very small amount of damage, whereas, if a player has only 2 people near him, he will deal about 6,000 damage to each of them.

When the WotA timer runs out, the person with the debuff will take 7-8k damage and will be thrown very high into the air. This player will not take any falling damage, however if there was anyone within a 10-15 yard radius of the him, they will also take 7-8k damage, be thrown into the air, and will take massive amounts of falling damage; usually around 90% of their health pool.

Use of a boss mod such as Bigwigs by every member of the raid is recommended as it will inform you when a new player is affected by WotA.

Light of the Astromancer
She casts this spell every 45 seconds. It is a kind of Moonfire spell, which she strikes down on the whole raid simultaneously. It hits everyone in the raid for 2280 to 2520 arcane damage.

High Astromancer Solarian in Void Walker form
Void Walker Phase Abilities

This ability is quite harmless. It fears up to 5 targets in melee range.

Void Bolt
The Void Walker casts this every 10 seconds. It deals 4394 to 5106 shadow damage to the target with the highest aggro.


Solarium Agent
Health: 20,000

Melee: These mobs hit for about 500 on plate, 1000 on cloth. 12 adds spawn in every AoE phase; 4 from each portal.

Solarium Priest

Health: 75,000

Melee: When silenced, Solarium Priests melee for about 100 damage on plate.

Holy Smite: A 2.5 second cast damage spell, dealing 553 - 747 Holy damage. Solarium Priests are generally casting when spawned, and should be shocked, counterspelled, or intercepted to interrupt the cast.

Silence: Comparable to Arcane Torrent (Blood Elf racial skill). This can be outranged, so healers and casters should stay away from these adds.

Greater Heal: Heals the target for 23125 - 26875. This can be cast on Solarian, the melee adds, or the priests themselves. It has a 2 second casting time and can be interrupted.

The Different Phases Of Solarian

Phase 1: This phase lasts for 50 seconds. Solarian is tanked by the main tank and the whole raid damages her. After these 50 seconds she portals to the middle of the room and disappears, leaving 3 light portals behind. This is when phase 2 begins.

Phase 2: 10 seconds after Solarian disappears, 12 mobs spawn out of the three portals. These mobs have 20 000 hit points and hit for about 500 on plate. 15 seconds later Solarian reappears out of one of the 3 portals. Simultaneously, 2 healers appear in the two other portals. This is when phase 1 begins again.

Phase 3: When Solarian reaches 20% she will transform into a huge void walker. Unlike Solarian in her previous phases, this void walker has very strong armor. However, she doesn't deal much damage any more. She fears those in melee range but is still Taunt-able. None of the Phase 1 or 2 abilities are cast during this phase. If you entered this phase you can be virtually certain that she will die.

The Fight

The Pull

One of the offensive warriors runs in and grabs Solarian. Immediately after the pull a hunter should use Misdirection on this tank to increase his aggro, because the raid will damage Solarian very fast.

Phase 1

Throughout this phase, the raid stays together at a maximum range of 30-40 yards. Give one raid member a raid icon, so that the whole raid can stand on one spot by grouping around him. Every damage dealer should use trinkets and abilities to deal as much damage as possible. The shamans should use Heroism in the first phase of the fight. Your aim is to get her to 75% when phase 2 begins.

Have a designated spot over 15 yards from the raid for those affected by Wrath of the Astromancer to run to and safely "explode".

Aracane Missiles will target random raid members, and deal a lot of damage to their target very quickly. A dedicated group of 3 paladins is most effective at healing back this damage. They can use this macro to instantly target and heal Solarian's current victim:

/target High Astromancer Solarian
/cast Flash of Light (Rank 7)

Phase 2

When Solarian disappears, you will see the three portals spawn at random positions. The player with the raid icon should search for a suitable spot in the room where all 3 groups of mobs will arrive close to simultaneously. Of course the raid will follow him. The whole raid should stay together on one spot. This spot should always be near the edge of the huge platform in the middle of the room. Don't position in the middle of the three portals as you need a few seconds to cast Seeds of Corruption before the mobs arrive at the raid.

When the 12 mobs reach the raid every warrior should apply Piercing Howl on them and a hunter should place a Frost Trap in the raid. Then, a feral druid should use his mass taunt ability to aggro every mob on to him. This role can also be performed by a warrior in offensive gear with a shield in his off hand, but feral druids are ideal as they can also deala lot of damage to the adds. When the tank has the aggro, every damage dealer should cast their strongest AoE spell to DPS the adds down. Of course mages and warlocks will be the most useful class in this phase. Mages should make a Frost Nova rotation to ensure that the mobs are kept together. These mobs should be dead when Solarian reappears.

By the time Solarian and the two healers spawn, each offensive warrior should be at one of the three portals they appear in. You don't know the portal where Solarian will spawn. The two warriors who tank the healer adds have to Pummel the heals. In addition you should add a rogue to these mobs, so he can kick the heals as well.

The healers and casters should stay away from the healer adds. They have a silence ability which works like the blood elf racial Arcane Torrent. These healers can be killed easily. As soon as the healer adds spawn every melee class should attack them. Melee have little effect on the AoE mobs, but do high damage and can interrupt the priest adds. After the melee adds are down, the raid can quickly focus DPS on each priest add to finish them off and allow the warriors tanking them to get back on Solarian. When all adds are dead, phase 1 begins again.

If you have enough DPS you should not need more than 3-4 AoE phases.

Phase 3
In phase 3 Solarian transforms into a big void walker that does poor melee DPS and has no abilities that require special action. Solarian's armor is massively increased from her last form. She fears those in melee range, including the main tank, but her damage is so poor that nearly anybody in the raid can tank her.

Wrath of the Astromancer continues throughout this phase. However, Solarian does not recast it. Keep healing the arcane resistance tanks.

When she reaches 20% the fight is normally won.

Class Comments

You will have to establish a Mass Taunt rotation for the second phase. You should have 3-4 AoE phases so your 4 tanks will suffice for that. Favour the feral druid(s) in this role. Make sure you announce your Taunt loud and clearly over voice comms, so that your healers can prepare.

Healing The Raid
Your healers basically break down into 2 groups:
Arcane Missile Healers This is a group of 3 healers, ideally all paladins, who heal the Arcane Missile targets in Phase 1 and the Mass Taunt-ing tank in Phase 2. In Phase 3 they heal whoever tanks the void walker. Take note of the macro listed above. It is for you.

Raid Healers You heal the rest of the raid and help out on the arcane resistance tanks later on.

During Phase 2 when the Mass Taunt fades, the mages and warlocks will need a lot of healing. Therefore the priests should cast Power Word: Shield and Prayer of Mending on the AoE classes. Shamans can use their Earth Shield to prevent damage on DPS classes. Druids can rescue low HP mages or warlocks with their instant heal. All in all it is a very hard fight for healers and you will have to react very quickly throughout.

AoE Classes
You will need a lot of hit points to survive the second phase. Warlocks should cast their Soulstones on the mages, because it is very likely that they will die. Distribute plenty of Healthstones to the raid.

Warlocks should use Seed of Corruption in phase 2. Cast it on the mobs as soon as they spawn. Mages should use Blast Wave, Frost Nova, Arcane Explosion and Cone of Cold to damage the mobs as much as possible. Unlike the warlocks, the mages will face mana problems. Make sure that you have enough mana potions and mana gems to make it through.

Melee DPS
You will perform very high damage in this encounter, as Solarian is extremely vulnerable to melee attacks. Use all your damage potions and buffs to maximise output.


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