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Void Reaver Strategy Guide

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Void Reaver Strategy Guide

Post  Scythe on Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:24 pm

The Pull
Void Reaver stands close to the western edge of his room, on the opposite side to the entrance. Engage him from the center of the room, with a hunter using Misdirection on the MT. Let Void Reaver come to the middle of the room while everyone else spreads out around him in a circle.

After Patch 2.1.2 you can not pull him without clearing all trash mobs in his room because they will now aggro when you pull the boss.

Positioning is very basic, with the tanks always keeping Void Reaver positioned in the middle of the raid, while the 5 groups spread out in a circle around him. Everyone should stand at the maximum range of their abilities, in order to maximize available space and travel time for the Arcane Orbs.

The encounter does not have different stages and is exactly the same from 100% to 0%, with Void Reaver tanked in the middle of the raid. All players must be kept at full HP or as close to full as possible, in order for them to survive a 6300+ maximum damage Arcane Orb (for ranged classes) or a 6750+ maximum damage Pounding. Remember that the objective is to minimize the damage done by these 2 attacks, both of which can be easily avoided by running away. Due to the aggro reduction from his Knockback ability, the main tank will lose aggro eventually, to one of the off tanks, who will in turn lose aggro on Knockback. With 4 tanks, the first tank should have enough time to rebuild aggro before the 4th tank is punted and loses aggro. This tank rotation will continue until Void Reaver dies. Note that Void Reaver is not Taunt-able.

Having the melee DPS run away during Poundings has the disadvantage that their damage output will decrease substantially as they will spend a lot of their time running back and forth rather than attacking Void Reaver. This can be very problematic if your raid composition is heavy on melee, making it much more likely that Void Reaver will Enrage before you manage to bring him down. This also means melee DPS may be targetted by Arcane Orbs while they are fleeing a Pounding, or get hit by an Arcane Orb that was shot at a ranged person behind them. An alternative strategy is to have melee DPS stay in melee range for Poundings, although this means they will take massive amounts of damage throughout the fight. For two groups of melee, three dedicated healers is the least you should have; the best kind of healer for this task is, by far, a Holy Priest with the Circle of Healing talent, especially if he can get an Innervate or two from Druids.

Other Notes
As with other mechanical mobs, Void Reaver is immune to health draining effects such as Drain Life, Siphon Life, and Death Coil.

Melee DPS are recommended to have a small amount of arcane resistance if they plan to stay in during the Pounding. It isn't compulsory though, as the fight overall doesn't require a lot of healing and it can be healed through.

Since the fight is on a 10 minute timer, it's probably best for high DPS rogues/warlocks/mages to try get as close to pulling aggro as possible by 75-85% and then Vanish/Soulshatter/Invisibility (preferably Invisibility while running from an Arcane Orb as you're not casting anyway). That will allow you to Vanish/Soulshatter/Invisibility again before the end of the fight, increasing the overall damage you can do without pulling aggro. Hunters shouldn't have problems here due to Feign Death, obviously. Shadow priests cannot do anything to reduce their aggro aside from simply not healing; not getting hit, not using Vampiric Embrace or having healers heal the shadow priests' parties fast enough will enable the shadow priest to deal more damage due to lower threat generation. This fight is like Broodlord Lashlayer: the more tanks, the higher the threat that can be generated, as every tank takes less knockbacks.

There is a bug with KTM on this fight that reduces threat by 50% per knockback, while in reality you keep 75% of your threat instead. This can be fixed by the raid leader by changing the value on KTM for Void Reaver's knockback ability, entering "/ktm b s knockaway multiplier 0.75" will set the knockback to the correct value.

Should something go wrong and you start wiping, the boss fight can be reset by running out of his room


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