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Server update tomorrow

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Server update tomorrow Empty Server update tomorrow

Post  Scythe on Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:39 pm

By CrazyCasta
The server will be shutdown for approximately 30 minutes at some point tomorrow in order to apply updates.

The updates are:

* Fix the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond +crit dmg stat
* Fix some talent threat reduction issues

The threat reduction/increase talents/spells being fixed are:

* Shadow Affinity
* Subtlety
* Improved Tranquility
* Decreased Destruction Threat
* Enhanced Sunder Armor
* Reduced Threat
* Healing Grace
* Devastate
* Lightning Overload
* Shadowstep

These talents/spells either do not work at all or work in odd ways (like Improved Tranquility working with the talent of the one being healed).

By HackerToad

hank you crazy, This should happen when I come home from Hawaii hehe. I should be home around 10pm my time, about 12am server time. Also we may have 2 more fixes if we can squeeze them in to this update.

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Server update tomorrow Scythe
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