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Post  Guest on Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:19 am

Manos' guide to the enhancement shaman:

Listen up, here's how stats translate.

1 str = 2 AP
14 AP = +1 to weapon dps (so 7 str = +1 weapon dps)

15.77 Hit = 1%
15.77 Haste = 1%

1 Agi (with kings) ~ 1 crit. I think strang said a tiny bit more. I'll confirm this later. For my purposes, it doesn't really matter.
It takes 22.08 crit rating to 1%

Okay, so I'm gonna make a statement.


No matter what, it's better. Since WF has a 3 second Internal CoolDown (ICD) and your MH does way more damage than your OH, it's better that your MH gets the proc. True, having both weapons chanted means you'll have more procs, but they'll be a much lower average. Frostbrand is strictly proc/per minute percentagewise. So it can proc repeatedly, it just depends on your weapon's speed on its percentage.

Weapon Choice

Ideally, a high max damage is the goal. However, slower speed weapons scale with AP differently.

Say I have a 100 dps weapon with a 300 max damage, 200 min damage, and a 2.5 second swing speed. If I got 100 dps worth of attack power, (1400), then I'd add 100 dps to its inherent dps, making it 200. Now, multiply by swing speed and we get the new average damage to be 500 instead of 250.

Say I have a 100 dps weapon with 200 max damage, 100 min damage, and a 1.5 second swing speed. Assuming the same AP, the new average damage is 300.

Now even though the weapon itself is the same DPS, when you have a stormstrike, you'll want that to be maximized (along with everything else).

*Remember: Offhand does 50% damage*

Stat Stacking

Well, as you know 1 str = 2 ap and from what we've gotten from the past paragraph is that AP is pretty nice to have for the slow weapons you'll have. The thing is, there are a few things that mitigate damage.

Chance to hit (not hit rating):

6.5% to be dodged (6.5% to be parried if you're attacking from the front.... so you get double dodges basically)
27% chance to miss
24% of hits will be glancing

Expertise cap: you'll need 26 expertise (6.5%), and 4 expertise RATING = 1 expertise. That makes the 6.5% from dodging go away

Hit cap: For all dual-wielders there is a 9% hit cap for yellow damage (specials) - for shamans, that's windfury. Let me tell you something about windfury: It's gonna do 30% of your damage or so. That's not much compared to the white damage you'll be doing. With the proper spec, you'll get 9% hit from talents anyway, but here's the thing: your white damage will account for 40-45% of your damage and the rest is from shocks and frostbrand procs. Not only that, but your normal hits are what trigger windfury attacks. So if you miss, you've missed a chance to proc it. Now, you might think "3 second cooldown means that every other attack won't wf anyway" but here's the thing. Since wf is a 20% chance on your weapon, if you hit more, you have more chances in general to proc it. Not only that, but if you can't hit, you can't crit, either! So for hit rating's really good point-to-percent ratio, it's a great thing to stack!

Glancing Blows are unavoidable 27% chances to hit for less damage. They factor in after hit and before crit, so you CAN indeed be critcapped. (another reason I dislike crit)

Damage Mitigation Aside from glancing blows, an enemy's armor will also inhibit your damage. Since armor is weird and square-root ish, the more you get rid of, the better armor penetration becomes. Lv. 70 Armor Mitigation This graph shows how if you decrease the armor of a player further, the less damage will be mitigated in a quadratic form. Basically, this means rogues should use improved expose armor in their spec and use it as a finishing move, SV hunters really help with their armor reducing talent, and hopefully warrior tanks will have points in improved sunder armor for your benefit. So if you have these 3 things in your raid, your dps will be more significantly affected by your armor penetration rating. I don't know the exact math on this, and Strang hasn't done much research, but he knows it's OP, so consider it highly. This makes some s4 gear look pretty nice... like the s4 chest and helm, wouldn't you agree?


Critting DOES do a lot for us as enh; however, the big thing is: you want to keep flurry up. Your crit chance is a big factor, but having 20% on your character sheet is plenty. A well-timed Stormstrike can put it back up if you need it and in a raid, there will be lots of stuff to help you crit. Also, lv 70 mail (non Shaman specific) is covered in agility, as is leather (and leather is a TOTALLY viable option).


Okay guys, this is important. Haste is as valuable as hit. If you hit 1% faster, it's like hitting 1% more often (kinda. they scale well with each other, though.) And hitting faster means you'll get more wf procs per minute. Why you ask? Well, simple. If you don't get it with this swing, you might get it with the next and so forth. Therefore, since you're hitting more times in a minute, that means you'll end up proccing it more. Simple! Plus, with high max damage weapons, it's nice to see more rapid hits with that kind of POWAH!

Weapon enchantments

I recommend highly using mongoose (for the haste and crit) and Executioner. I personally use Mongoose/Crusader, but crusader is borked (it should give less than 100 str, and it procs less than it should). Don't put agility on stuff. It's just not that great.

I have no overall solution for you guys on what to use, unfortunately, but here's my suggestion:

Str/AP > Hit = haste >> crit/agi. And armor pen goes in there somewhere.... it's better than hit in some circumstances.


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A few things I'd like to add

Post  Strang on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:00 am

Strang/Grief here...

I am by no means claiming to be THE EXPERT on this matter, but I do think that my methods have proven to work pretty well. Manos gave you a good intellectual guide on why certain stats are good, but I'd like to point out a few things.

Don't stack any one thing just because you think you need more of it. Yes, attack power is uber. Yes, you do want as high a crit as you can get. Yes, haste and hit are the non-obvious bread and butter of a good enhancement shaman... but get this:

The people doing higher dps will be the people who play their gear smart.

If you're at 1000 AP unbuffed... don't sweat it, you still take 30 hit over 50 AP. If you're only at 10% hit (grief has 24% in the right gear set) don't just stack hit... take the 15 agility instead of the 10 hit.

These aren't magic equalities, but my point is, don't blindly stack one stat. You MUST take every stat on an item into account in order to compare it. Grief has somewhere around 1460 AP unbuffed. But that's because I toss AP to gain more worthwhile amounts of hit, haste, and crit.

People will tell you different "softcaps" to hit with Crit and AP... respectfully tell them to shove it and pay attention to ALL the stats instead.

The only exception I can think of will never be an issue if you spec correctly. You MUST have 9% hit!! (from talents and gear combined) But if you go for the 3% hit in the resto tree instead of trying wasting the insane melee specialization of an enhancement shaman (by speccing into the elemental tree for shocks)... you get 9% JUST FROM TALENTS... which is fantastic. You should be cheering that Blizzard loves you so much to give you that option.

Another important thing is to time your power ups. If you use your heroism you better make sure you use your best trinket, a haste potion, berserking (trolls ftw) and everything else you've got all at the same time. All these effects stack multiplicatively with eachother meaning the haste effects (1.3*1.3*1.3*1.25 = 2.74) can get your mainhand swing speed down to 1 second if it was previously 2.7 seconds. This also means that your AP bonus will get 2.74 times more usage... if everything procs (heroism, berserking, flurry, haste pot, crusader, mongoose, dragonstrike, LW-drums, Berserker's Call) You'd better keep your eye on the threat meter because you're a friggin' bomb of dps for 10-15 seconds.

Also, use flame caps... they're too good to be considered too expensive.


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