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Silent Resolve vs Imp Power Word: Shield

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Silent Resolve vs Imp Power Word: Shield

Post  Vend on Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:42 am

OK, well i began to think about these two talents. When priests are in their healing specs, you either see them with 5/5 in Silent Resolve or 3/3 in Imp Power Word: Shield + 2/5 in Silent Resolve.

What i wanted was opinions about which is considered a better option. Atm, i see it as:
- Having maxed out Silent Resolve, you enable yourself to put another enchant on your cloak instead of Subtlety (eg. shadow resist to resist fears or armour enchant) and reduce the chance you'll pull off the tank when they have a shit load of mobs on them. (eg. warrior tank goes into shattered halls and pulls the first room. Shit shit shit!) This ofc, allows you to heal more without putting you or the tank under more pressure.

- If you max out Imp Power Word: Shield and put 2 points in Silent Resolve you have to enchant your cloak with Subtlety to even be close to replacing those 3 missing points in Silent Resolve ( though you won't make up for it completely). This being said, you would have a stronger bubble, absorbing more attack from you and the dps.

To be honest, it doesn't matter which way you go for raids because you have multiple tanks (solves the threat issue) and your bubble won't help since the mobs/bosses in there bring it down within a few seconds.


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Re: Silent Resolve vs Imp Power Word: Shield

Post  Estha on Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:04 am

I'm going to necro this post just for a second to reply.

It's an important comparison, though I'd personally drift more towards maxing out PW:Shield. The reason for this being that, especially end-game, tanks should be able to hold threat. In T4 and 5 content, if a healer pulls, their shield (if they're a priest) and heals are enough to keep them alive for at least a second or two comfortably in order for the tank to regain control of the mobs. If they are not able to do this, it's typically the problem of the tank not being able to generate enough threat. Moreover, from what I've seen, DPS and namely warlocks are the prime source for gaining aggro in the beginning of the pull before the tank establishes his threat over everyone else -- in the few cases that a healer does pull, it's either because the DPS that initially pulled dies and the mob goes for the person who healed the DPSer; or the tank suffers insane burst damage, the healer pulls out large heals, and one of the mobs attacking the tank shifts targets.

In those cases, it's understandable going after the option of having less threat-heavy heals. Especially in the case of burst.

However, end-game raiding (even in ZA), tanks should generally be rolling in avoidance and threat generation to the point where DPS and healers cannot make a habit out of consistently pulling off the tank. If this isn't the case, namely in places like BT and HS, it usually means a wipe, because the mob going to kill the warlock will go do so, then proceed to kill 3 other DPSers/maybe a healer or two, before either being killed or chaos ensuing if there aren't any offtanks or taunts available.

I went with Silent Resolve for some time, but found it more beneficial to go with a PW:S improvement. It helps in several ways: low-health DPS such as mages can be saved in aoe-heavy fights such as Dragonhawk or Naj, and people who have below 10k health can still survive the fight if a shield is placed on them. There are also cases where, when a large heal can't be thrown on a tank, PW:S + PoM + Renew could bring them up to par to live long enough to see a follow-up heal, such as on Archi when trying to avoid fires. Lastly, the class I think benefits most from shielding is the shadowpriest: they're constantly damaging themselves, and a powerful enough shield can negate the damage from Death, allowing the priest to survive potential incoming damage from the mobs or at least long enough to be healed by a renew/Vamp.Embrace.

The most important thing is that in the end the left-over wiggle points in a spec won't determine the outcome of a fight. The fact that there are generally 2-5 other healers in a 10 or 25-man raid leaves a lot of room for error and make-up without a 200 hp difference being the factor that wipes the raid -- it could, WoW is all about RNG, and a tank with 6k health on Archimonde may just die the next hit if they're struck with an unlucky string of numbers such as fire + hard hit + whatever. I personally just went with the shield because it made more sense to me, not because it was proven more successful or anything, and because there was a cloak enchant available that could partially supplant threat-reduction if I needed it (and in raid-settings, there is a Salvation usually available without having to sacrifice another beneficial paladin buff to get it).

TL;DR: Just go with what's cheaper/better for your play style, end-game raids leave a lot of room for error to where any decision you make (as long as you're still specced as a healer at least) won't be the factor that wipes the raid.


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