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    Unison and Kael'thas

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    Unison and Kael'thas

    Post  Vend on Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:45 pm

    We'll know that we're Kael's bitch atm. Last week's attempt didn't go too badly but still not as we would have liked.
    Phase 3 is our issue for now. Last time it was because a tank who was on one of the adds, died at the start of phase 3. I've watched the How To video multiple times now and its easy to see that even though we follow the tips from the video, we're doing the fight differently. This isn't a bad thing but i just want to make a thread to see other's point of view on Kael and us.

    Flurryz had an issue with the shield since he got it at the beginning of phase 3 meaning shield's effect was still on cd. Now, maybe we should get 1 person to pull out one of the weapons that are meant to be aoe'd down, giving the tank who needs the shield, more time for the cd. Though, we could have been doing something wrong because the tank doesn't seem to have any trouble without the legendary shield at the beginning of phase 3 in the video so......

    Meh, idk anymore. Would just like to see some progression since it's the only instance we haven't progressed in since the start of the year.


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    Re: Unison and Kael'thas

    Post  Guest on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:36 pm

    Name: Kael'Thas Sunstrider
    Location: Tempest Keep: The Eye
    HP: About 4 million.
    Other info: He has 5 phases, 3 of which are add phases.

    PHASE 1:

    One by one, each of his adds will take their turn trying to kill the raid. The first is Thaladred the Darkener. In order to take care of him here are a few things the raid must understand:

    He has an AoE knockback
    He doesn't aggro like a normal mob
    He melees really hard

    What I mean is, he'll emote "Thaladred sets his gaze on <player>" - He'll proceed to chase that player around trying to kill them.
    Ranged dps will take care of him, tanks taunting when possible. The best method is for the raid to stay in a controlled, small space near the mid-back region of the room while whoever has his gaze runs in circles AROUND the group, minimizing AoE damage and maximizing the damage done to him.

    Once down, 10 seconds until the next add comes.

    The next one is Lord Sanguinar - he's fairly easy. He has a 35-yard range AoE fear, so melees feel free to dps him, but get ready for dps interrupts. He should be tanked in the northeast corner near the other adds and the boss.

    Again, 10 seconds until the next add.

    Grand Astromancer Capernian is a different fight. A warlock tank will cast searing pain to pull aggro (keep in mind, no additional fire resistance gear is required). No dps will attack until the warlock has gotten close to the Southeastern entrance to the room and gotten sufficient tanking threat. Everyone should be outside a 10-yard range of the warlock, as the add will supposedly AoE with fire damage (the warlock should consider pointing nether protection to help). One paladin tank should heal the warlock while the rest of the raid continues dps. Sometimes, capernian will cast conflagrate, causing the target with aggro to run and take a fire DoT. Dps should slow, and perhaps stop during this point. If possible, a warrior could taunt and take the conflagrate so the warlock can hold threat, but it's not necessary.

    Another 10 seconds until the final add.

    Master Engineer Telonicus should be tanked in the northwesternmost area of the room. Melee dps should not dps him here, as he'll throw bombs with a 6k base damage or so. He'll cast a very annoying debuff every 15 seconds called remote toy. It lasts a minute and will randomly stun the person(s) afflicted for 4 seconds. Once dead, phase 2 begins.

    PHASE 2:

    Kael'thas will summon 7 legendary weapons in an attempt to crush the raid. The two important ones are the Axe (Devastation) and the Mace (Cosmic Infuser). A paladin with decent gear can tank all the weapons except the axe, which will be pulled by a warrior or druid. All the DPS in the raid will focus on killing the mace first, as it can heal the other weapons for massive amounts. Ideally, a warlock could put curse of tongues on it to give the dps a greater window of time to stun/interrupt it. Once it's down, the ranged dps move to the axe, while the rest focus on the large group. After the axe is down, burn the remainder down.

    It's important to collect the weapons your class needs, as they also provide important buffs for the raid. You can find their abilities here: http://www.wowhead.com/items&filter=qu=5;sl=16:18:5:8:11:10:1:23:7:21:2:22:13:24:15:28:14:4:3:19:25:12:17:6:9;cr=98;crs=1;crv=0

    PHASE 3:

    125 seconds after phase 2, whether or not you've killed the weapons, Kael'thas will resurrect all his adds. It's vital that the mace and axe are dead at this time. The same rules will apply for killing them, but the order is as follows:

    Thaladred the Darkener (the guy who runs around)
    Lord Sanguinar (if the main tank is on him)
    Master Engineer Telocinus
    Grand Astromancer Capernian

    It's not that difficult to do with some coordination - you'll get the hang of it quickly.

    PHASE 4:

    Arguably the hardest phase to get used to. Kael will do some seriously annoying things.

    First, he'll fireball the tank (2.5 second cast, interruptible) - 25k base damage, but the mace ability makes the damage much less.

    Second, he'll do this about once a minute: Kael casts a barrier that protects against 100k damage while he casts pyroblast, a 6-second cast, interruptible spell that deals 45-55k damage (mitigated by the shield and mace abilities). In order to interrupt him, burn the shield down.

    Third, he'll mind control 2 raid members every 30 seconds and they'll buff and/or heal him for massive amounts as well as attacking raid members. The dagger supposedly takes care of them (i never saw him using this).

    Fourth, flamestrike. There's a large graphic like in MGT of where it'll hit. It does a TON of damage (50-100k) so avoid that. Promptly after, he'll summon a phoenix which has an AoE just like MGT. All ranged dps should kill it, and once it's dead, ALL dps should kill the egg so it doesn't hatch. This is the most important part, as the phoenixes can wipe the raid fast.

    PHASE 5:

    This phase starts when Kael reaches 50% hp. He'll cast Gravity Lapse (just like MGT). But this time, it doesn't hurt. He'll also use a spell called Nether Beam, which is chain lightning that gets STRONGER target-to-target. Therefore, everyone should spread out from him and each other.

    He also uses Nether Vapor, which will do 900 damage every tick and reduce the player's max hp by 10%, stacking up to 9 times. Melee avoid Kael during this point.

    After 30 seconds of gravity lapse, he'll drop the raid members (so get closer to the ground to avoid fall damage).

    His aggro will immediately reset, so the tank will have to pick him up fast if everyone is to stay alive.

    After being dropped, Phase 4 will resume for a bit until he casts gravity lapse again. At this point, just keep going as you are and you'll be fine.

    Reminder: Although it's not supposed to happen, Kael will summon phoenixes while gravity lapse is active. It's important to dps them down fast.

    A final note: We've decided executively that the Quest Item will be an item you can use points for.

    Lastly: Thanks to all those who came and helped our Kael Fight be so successful!


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    Re: Unison and Kael'thas

    Post  Guest on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:39 pm

    Incidentally, pyroblast is bugged....

    It'll hit whoever he feels like, and dealing enough damage to his barrier in that time is nearly impossible without perfect coordination.

    Oh yeah, also... during gravity lapse, nether vapor is bugged. So you can melee pewpew him as much as you want.

    And finally, I'm not sure if I mentioned it... but fall damage sucks. Get closer to the ground to avoid getting killed.


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    Re: Unison and Kael'thas

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