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Useful Addons Thread

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Useful Addons Thread

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:06 am

As a Warlock, I find that the most useful addons I've ever downloaded for the purpose of raiding are:

Diamond Threat Meter - Everyone needs to monitor their threat. You can soulshatter even if you don't have aggro!

DrDamage - It shows how much damage/dps/etc you'll gain from certain stat increases, and is a good way to test gear (it doesn't account for improved shadowbolt, though, so keep that in mind). It does, however, adjust based upon your stats, buffs, and the foe's debuffs.

Quartz - A casting bar that shows your casts, global cooldown, enemy casts, and, most importantly, gives your casting bar a marker for when to cast again due to latency with the server. It can really help optimize your rotation.


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