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Rage Winterchill Strategy Guide

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Rage Winterchill Strategy Guide

Post  Ricky on Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:03 pm

Raid Setup
Tanks: 5
Healers: 8
DPS: 12

Buffs, Potions and Gear
No special potions are required besides the ones you use on every raid. Full damage potions for the DPS is crucial.

Boss Abilities

Rage Winterchill

HP - 4,200,000
Melee Strength - 3k on plate.

Icebolt - Shoots at a random target, dealing 4250-5750 frost damage, encasing the person in a frozen tomb, which deals 2500 damage per second, lasting a total of 4 seconds. It's an instant cast and Winterchill will target the person he fires it at for a split second before he returns to the tank.

Frost Nova - A Frost Nova spells that freezes anyone in the area it's used over, just like the Mage's Water Elemental's Frost Nova spells, immobilising people affected by it, for 6 second. It's dispellable but it's often not worth it. He won't use Death and Decay while you're frozen.

Death and Decay - A 10 second channelled spell, affecting a patch of ground, much like the Vashj Toxic Spores, dealing to each person in the area damage equal to 15% of that person's max health each second. He won't use Death and Decay while you're frozen with Frost Nova.

Frost Armor - An exact copy of the mage ability, reducing attack speed and movement.

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